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Eila K. Colley
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Allo there, lowly traveler! Welcome to the section of my profile that a vast majority of you will skip. Unless, for some absurd reason, you actually care to learn more about me. If that is indeed the case, hello there. :meow: I'm Skunkoon, though you can call me Skoon or Eila. Or Colley. Like, the flour or the dog.


I will admit that I'm not the best artist on Deviantart, but that won't stop me from posting what I have when I feel like it. Regardless of how silly it may seem, it will be posted. Also I think it's best to note that if you plan to follow me expecting constant updates, you're shit outta luck. I post whenever I have something. Unfortunately, I draw much slower than other creative people around me, so it might be a long time before updates are made. I try my best to make things to show but ... the internet has a way of ... distracting people *coughtumblecough* *coughmemecentercough*

And now for something completely different.
(not really)
((... references))
I'm a sixteen year old female living in Ontario, Canada. I'm going to highschool at the moment and hoping to get into the field of costume design (and perhaps some professional cosplaying sprinkled here and there). I like Homestuck, furries, anime, yaoi, anything post-apocalyptic in nature, art that has lightning in it, black tea, thunder storms, and long walks on the beach.
Haha, just kidding I hate long walks on the beach.
But other than that I'm fairly normal.
Fairly. ಠwಠ

Alright, enough with this wall of text! You are free to go.
Enjoy your stay. :meow:


ICON BY: :iconkurokodile:


Colours: Teal, Brown/Tan, Orange
Animals: Skunks (derp), Raccoons (derp²), Sharks, Avians
Genre of Music: Post-hardcore, Metalcore, Alternative Metal
Quote: "Never regret something that once made you smile."
Pastimes: Personal projects, cosplaying at conventions, getting tattoos and piercings (I'm tryin' my best orz)
Honestly I'm not. I just wish I had access to a working scanner so I could at least share my sketches. Although I may not be very good at colouring said sketches at least I'm creating art of some kind (and on almost a daily basis.)

But who really cares. I kinda care, but if I cared more I'd do more about it.

Oh well. You get what you get.
  • Mood: Not Impressed
  • Listening to: ASMR
  • Reading: Ava's Demon
  • Playing: The Sims 3
  • Eating: Grape Jolly Rancher
  • Drinking: Water

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